ENS Builders QF Round (March 25-April 8, 2024) Results --- ENS PG WG <> Giveth

GM everyone!

The Giveth and ENS PG teams are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the ENS Builders quadratic funding round! This round has been an incredible journey of community support and collaboration, focused on funding public goods projects with teams of 5 or less.

This QF round was funded by the ENS Public Goods Working Group (sponsoring a matching pool of $20,000 DAI on OP Mainnet), and run and hosted by Giveth.

Quick Summary

  • Matching Pool: $20,000 DAI on OP Mainnet
  • Round Duration: March 25th - April 8, 2024
  • Total Donations: 412
  • Unique Donors: 138
  • Total USD Value of Donations: $7,503
  • Eligible Donation Networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Gnosis, Polygon, OP Mainnet, Arbitrum One
  • Eligible Projects: 34

To see the final results including all projects, amounts raised, and matching funds, check out this sheet:

Analysis Breakdown

Projects eligible for funding were those actively building public goods with teams of 5 of less. To participate, projects needed to get “verified” on Giveth, and the provide additional information through a form. The ENS public goods WG reviewed the final submissions and selected the final list of projects to participate in the round. The purpose of this round was to support for public goods builders, ensuring funding going to small, impactful initiatives.

Only donations from addresses with a Gitcoin passport score of 5 or more, with a value of $0.90 USD or more, were considered eligible for matching. Recirculated donations (funds that went from donor to project & back, or project to donor & back) were disqualified, as were donations found to be part of sybil attacks (h/t to Trustalabs who supported us in the data processing).

Final Remarks & Takeaways

The ENS Builders Round has been a great success, thanks to the dedication and generosity of the community. We sincerely thank all donors and participants who made this round possible.

This forum post will remain active for at least 3 business days to allow for community feedback and questions regarding the results (with a sister post in Giveth). Barring any issues, Giveth send the matching funds out to the project addresses listed in the spreadsheet above.

If you have any inquiries or require further clarification on the matching results, please feel free to leave a comment on this forum post. Project owners - please check that your OP Mainnet address in the spreadsheet is correct!

Stay tuned for more updates and future rounds as we continue to support and foster innovation within the ENS ecosystem!


Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out the results! We found 4 donor addresses whose donations should have been included, so updated the results.

There is a new tab in the above spreadsheet call “Final Results” where you can see the (new) and final distribution. The old distribution can be seen on the tab “Results (Old)”.

Please have a final look, as we will be distributing the matching funds within the next couple of days.


Hey everyone! The funds from the ENS Builders Round have been distributed!

Project owners, you will have received the funds (DAI) directly in your wallets on Optimism. You can check the tx here.

Thank you so much for your participation!