'ENS Chain' - A POC for an OP Stack based L2 solution

Yesterday at the ecosystem call I presented ‘ENS Chain’ - an OP Stack based L2 chain which @Premm.eth and myself (Unruggable) have built as a proof of concept as we continue to research appropriate scaling solutions for ENS.

I have documented the work that we have completed thus far and also provides a detailed step-by-step guide for anyone else who wants to do the same:

As a companion to the blog post I have produced a short video to demonstrate what we have built:

This demonstration utilises a number of smart contracts that have been deployed onto ‘ENS Chain’. These can be found here, and verified (Etherscan) smart contracts are linked from the blog post (above).

We are running our own gateways based on the evmgateway code at unruggablegateway.com.

We are appreciative of all of your support in relation to our Service Provider nomination and small grants proposal and both @Premm.eth and I are happy to jump on a call with any interested party who has feedback/suggestions in relation to protocol development and scaling solutions or simply wants to find out more about our proposals.

Our Calendly is here, and we can be reached on Twitter (@gua / @nxt3d).