ENS Code Navigator

Here is a custom GPT for ENS I put together over the past couple weeks.

Please try and break it or make it produce bad information!!

It has definitely surprised me given the nuances of GPT. It’s offered intricate solutions about layer 2 interoperability and provides exceptional explanations on a basic level.

Currently I am attempting to integrate GPT Actions with Infrura API for real tine block chain data requests,

Feel free to comment here, DM on twitter @ioevno or e-mail acc@accessor.io


I tested this and it’s legit!
And was surprised by the answers too.
A bit long-winded answers (arguably even better) at times but still on point.
Tried breaking it too. It didn’t budge. :sweat_smile:


Super tool! had fun playing with it

@accessor.eth :clap:


Nice work.

I tested it also… My experience was not as good. I asked it 3 questions and it got all 3 wrong.

Here it misses fuses out (CANNOT_APPROVE, IS_DOT_ETH, CAN_EXTEND_EXPIRY) and actually makes up a new fuse CANNOT_REPLACE_SUBDOMAIN.

Here is gets information about the subname expiry wrong.

I’m not an expert when it comes to DNS imported domains, but i don’t think that it’s possible to issue unruggable subnames from an imported domain.


And another… It got point 4 correct.

Namewrapper is erc-1155



thank you for your feedback.

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