ENS - DAO alliances, ideas?

I have recently published a dune analytics dashboard and the explainer twitter thread about how much ENS primary names are set among the top DAO projects voters.

One of the interesting insight is that top 15 DAOs (varying from Defi projects like Lido, Hop, PoolToghers to NFT projects like Loot, Doodles, and ApeCoin DAO) have more than 50% of DAO voters have their ENS primary names set (meaning there are high chance that any ENS related proposals could get majority vote if we ignore the delegation aspect).

I am wondering if there are any ideas for cross collaboration between these projects assuming that there are lots of overlap with our community.

Also are there any good ways to increase adoption for big DAOs with low ENS adoption rate?

This is more of a call for open discussion.


This is very interesting! I’ll think about this and write back!

Basically, come up with a way (possibly an incentive structure) to increase primary names set among voters in other DAOs.

Btw, seems like a good job for a bizdev guy… just sayin :slight_smile:


a good idea!

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We brainstormed the idea during the ecosystem WG weekly call and here is the summary.

  • @julieshi.eth gave a feedback that some of the voters are no longer active. I can fork the dashboard and can make one with past few months voting info so that the activity is more fresh
  • @184.eth asked if it’s possible to create a dashboard for stats covering ENS delegates/holders with status of their primary names, avatar, twitter, etc. @gregskril and I will look into the way to expand the dashboard
  • I pitched the idea of creating an onboarding package of ENS use tailored for DAO members, then go to weekly call of many active DAO to present how ENS can be used in the context of their DAO governance and member onboarding.

As I said on the call – happy to help out with this. From brainstorming to execution. The onboarding package sounds pretty cool. Happy to assist there. I’m also working on some tutorial videos for less tech-savvy people so I’ll share those as well.

One idea I had in mind when I first saw this was to create some kind of incentive structure for DAO members to participate in this. Or have all these DAOs participate (compete against each other) for a certain period of time and by participating they qualify for some giveaway like in ETH + some .eth names after. And this could be well done and promoted in one short 2-min promo video that would explain the initiative, the competition info, quick how-to maybe, and so on. Just an idea.

Someone from the Bankless DAO suggested talking to their education guild and creating the Education course in some way. That’s why I decided to do a bunch of tutorials on cool things you can do with your ENS name.


ENS DAO has 900M LikeButton.eth fractional tokens ($❤️), or 90%.

The LikeButton.eth project is intended to be a decentralized like button for web3 built on top of the ENS protocol.

I’d ask the DAO to give some social capital to my project by experimenting with rewarding DAOs with $❤️ for setting ENS as primary names and other uses.

In turn DAOs can distribute $❤️ to their communities. This takes the entire web3 community one step closer to using a decentralized like button to reward behavior in web3 built on top of the ENS protocol/an ENS name.

Naturally distribution of $❤️ also plants the seed within these other communities that ENS names have many other use cases, including the fact that the DAOs can created their own community tokens out of ENS names and have community owned ENS names by fractionalizing them.

Proposal: bridge some of the 900M $❤️ to Polygon (it’s already mapped on Polygon), and using the Dune analytics by Makoto to create a snapshot and airdrop these DAOs $❤️ and work with them collectively to airdrop their allocations of $❤️ to their DAO members with primary names set. This can be done by the DAO first internally by airdropping $❤️ to our own community members with primary names set.


Hi fam!
How do you like the idea of an alliance with the ecosystem Cosmos (token - ATOM)?
it would be possible reserve for them… names, for example, of the moons of Saturn or Jupiter. I think it would be very creative)


Quick update on expanding the dashboard to include other text records:

I’ve been working on an API that returns the following data for a given Snapshot space:

Within a Snapshot space, it gets 1000 votes from the last 6 months sorted by voting power, then creates a list of the top 100 unique voters. From there, it checks if they have a primary ENS name along with a number of text records. The final result is the data you see above (profiles is truncated in the screenshot, but includes each profile in the top 100 with whatever records they might have set).

I’m working on a website to make this data easier to visualize, and will share updates here/at Ecosystem WG calls. It’s open source, you can test the API here, and feel free to reach out with any feedback/ideas!


I’ve been trying to do this exact metric for awhile. I don’t understand how to use the subgraph or dune properly.

more specifically the metric that @nick was referring to here

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Update: I got the website up and running https://ens-adoption-daos.vercel.app!

Happy to walk through it and take questions/requests here or at the Ecosystem WG call on Thursday.