ENS DAO Newsletter #6 - 05/15/2022

ENS DAO Newsletter #6 - 05/15/2022

:wave: WELCOME!

Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter!

New editions are published on the 1st and 15th of each month on the ENS DAO Forum, Substack, and Twitter. We encourage any feedback, questions, or comments!

Should ENS DAO run an awards campaign for community contributions and steward performance? Weigh in and join the discussion here. Voting ends in six days.

:newspaper: Working Group News

If you would like to contribute to ENS DAO, please contact a Steward.

:busts_in_silhouette: Community


  • @vegayp Set up the Community Stewards in Zenhub during the last Steward Call.
  • Weekly Onboarding continues to happen every Friday at 1:30 EST (6:30pm UTC), hosted by vegayp and @coltron.eth. The meeting is a one-hour open conversation about the ENS DAO. Join via Google Meet.

IRL [In Real Life] Events

  • The IRL Events Subgroup is planning to have a small amount of swag and POAPs, and is looking to host a meet-up at ETHNewYork.
  • @Limes and coltron.eth are handling the swag. A small run of shirts are in production and a POAP bounty is currently underway until May 19th on the POAPathon Discord.
  • This POAP will be given out to anyone interacting with the ENS DAO in ETHNewYork. It will be delivered via QR and NFC by the ENS DAO Community Stewards.

Communications Subgroup

May 18

  • 5pm EST (9pm UTC) coltron.eth will be hosting a Discord Stage in the ENS Discord with n0vax.eth from the 10k Club. The purpose of this stage will be to chat about the ENS DAO and provide an open forum for the 10k Club to discuss how we can align interests.
  • 12pm EST (4pm UTC) estmcmxci will host the first ENS DAO LatAm space with contributors futurx_ & cordobes.eth to discuss how to contribute to the DAO.

Contributor Spotlight

@estmcmxci will begin a Contributor Spotlight of each steward in the ENS DAO to talk about how work gets done. The spotlight will consist of the following:

- Steward Profile 
- Roles and responsibilities of a steward
- Vision for ENS and how contributors can get involved

Translation Subgroup

  • coltron.eth is looking to move away from Gitbook as this platform will not allow us to scale translations as needed. He has identified that a doc library built with Docusaurus and Crowdin will meet our needs.
  • He will meet with Makoto to discuss the next steps and will start working to migrate our content library in the next two weeks.
  • estmcmxci will be in touch with a new Russian speaking contributor to the Translation Initiative.

Code of Conduct

  • The Stewards (coltron.eth and @spencecoin) and Lead Coordinator estmcmxci met with Meta-Governance Steward, @simona_pop.
  • simona_pop will add edits to Code of Conduct Draft and review.
  • Simona would like estmcmxci to take a coordinator role in the Meta-Gov group and has spoken to @James & @alisha.eth about it.
  • CoC has been transferred to the Meta-Gov working group - estmcmxci will follow up.

:world_map: Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes (In Progress)

OBJECTIVE: ENS x Futurx Collaboration

Lead Coordinator estmcmxci will work together with futurx_ to create a series of workshops in conjunction with ENS that will be free to holders of .eth domain names.

The Futurx presentation will consist of the following:

- The ENS Ecosystem
- The Utility of .eth domains
- Public Goods and Web3 

:arrows_counterclockwise: Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Working Group held two meetings in early May, on the 2nd and 10th. More information about what was discussed in the meetings can be found here:

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

A proposal for an Analytics & Research subgroup has been put forth by @inplco.

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

The Public Goods Working Group held a meeting on May 10th. More information about what was discussed can be found here.

:gear: Utility

This section is dedicated to highlighting contributors who provide information about the utility of the ENS Protocol.

Last week, LC estmcmxci wrote an article on the utility behind the latest NFT project to gain momentum, ENS domains.

Driving Global Decentralization via The ENS Protocol

Number Mania, or the acquisition of 3 and 4 digit @ensdomains, is a signal in a macroeconomic trend suggesting the global adoption of decentralized technologies. In the proximal future, all the world’s businesses will transact via their ENS. 7/x

— Marcus Martínez (@estmcmxci) May 5, 2022

Top Utility Tweets from the Community

  1. It's everything. pic.twitter.com/YbrVAQ5s2D

    — 448.eth (@tradens) May 14, 2022
  2. If you're unsure of your path, consider contributing to the ENS DAO.

    There are many ways to get involved and we're happy to receive you and work with you.

    ENS Forums: discuss.ens.domains
    ENS Discord: chat.ens.domains
    @ENS_DAO @ensdomains

    — ensdao.eth (@ENS_DAO) May 14, 2022
  3. Let this be a reminder to everyone - check your expiration dates on app.ens.domains! If you're using a name like this for a protocol, there's zero reason not to renew it a hundred years into the future. https://t.co/vLhdF3ZZkO

    — nick.eth (@nicksdjohnson) May 11, 2022

:desktop_computer: Protocol Development

:handshake: Get Involved

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market News

According to the Twitter account ENS Sales Bot, the top five .eth name sales (letters) of the past two weeks were:

  • tetranode.eth - 36.12Ξ (~$75,000)
  • shell.eth - 29.98Ξ (~$62,000)
  • toy.eth - 24.92Ξ (~$52,000)
  • cake.eth - 17.74Ξ (~$37,000)
  • prun.eth - 30,000 $USDC

And the top five .eth name sales (numbers) were:

  • 3000.eth - 30Ξ (~$62,000)
  • 083.eth - 28.3Ξ (~$59,000)
  • 095.eth - 25Ξ (~$52,000)
  • 079.eth - 20Ξ (~$41,500)
  • 052.eth - 19Ξ (~$39,500)
    (approximate exchange rate as of May 15, 2022)

According to eth-leaderboard.eth, the top five Twitter accounts by followers remains the same as last time (as of May 15, 2022):

  1. Fallon.eth (@jimmyfallon)
  2. ParisHilton.eth (@ParisHilton)
  3. TreySongz.eth (@TreySongz)
  4. Davidsiwonchoi.eth (@siwonchoi)
  5. jccaylen.eth ᵍᵐ (@jccaylen)

:lock: Security Tip

Never sign a crypto wallet transaction without being certain of what you are signing. Phishing is currently the most common method attackers are using to gain access to a victim’s wallet. If you don’t know what your wallet is asking you to agree to and why, close the window!

Thank you very much for reading! Take care. :wave:


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I’ve increased the limit across the board.


Such a fantastic job on these @daylon.eth

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Great job @daylon.eth, next week let’s integrate the Contributor Spotlight (@vegayp) and host a Space as well. Elections are coming soon so it’d be good to discuss this as well on the space and subsequent newsletter.