ENS DAO Small Grants - October 2022

ENS DAO Small Grants - October 2022

We’re hosting another Small Grants round!

This month the the Public Good and Ecosystem rounds will award 1E to 10 projects in each round!

Proposal submissions are open now until October 24th at 6pm GMT. Voting begins October 24th at 11:59pm GMT.

Place your submission at https://www.ensgrants.xyz/ .

Updates for this round

Updated Awards - Five additional projects will receive and award in each category.
Sort by Votes - In the voting stage, you can sort proposals by number of votes. Proposals still load randomly.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know. For issues, contact @gregskril or @Coltron.eth

Submission Timeline

Please note the timeline is slightly compressed compared to previous rounds. Voting will still conclude on that last day of the month at midnight.

Submission Starts - Tuesday, 10/18 @ 6pm GMT
Submission Ends - Monday, 10/24 @ 6pm GMT
Voting Starts - Monday, 10/24 @ 11:59am GMT
Voting Ends - Tuesday, 10/31 @ 11:59pm GMT