ENS Dashboard query

Hello everyone,

I often have a look at the ENS Dashboard to check how registrations and renewals are going but ten days into May and this month’s figures seem too low:

The dashboard can be found here

Is it possible that the calculations are incorrect?

Many thanks


Figures for this month are low. I think the dashboard might still be picking up numbers from the old controller. @nick.eth mentioned he will update it when he can.


Yes, this data relies on Google’s Ethereum-ETL project for data, and they haven’t yet added the new tables we need.


It will be really interesting to see how much these latest Gas prices over the last 3 weeks along with the $pepe craze, will affect the net figures.

Hoping things will settle down soon!

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The tables must have arrived as the figures are looking more accurate today.

Thanks Nick.

I had to extract the data manually, but it should now be accurate, yes.

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