ENS Decentralized Blue Badge

On November 2021, I’ve proposed the idea to add a blue badge to the ENS profile picture for community verified NFTs, completely decentralized

Compared to the recent Twitter Blue Badge release

it will be available for free, everywhere and for everyone regardless their country

From a very high level it requires:

  1. creation and deployment of a Kleros NFT TCR aka the community curated registry
  2. apply some changes to ENS Metadata service linking to the registry and displaying the blue badge
  3. define in which way the community will control the registry (e.g., ENS holders?)

I’m writing this post for a temperature check, collect feedbacks and ask for support to build it.

A recent tweet to support this discussion

Thanks for the feedback!


There’s value in having NFTs community verified and decentralized away from existing platforms.

I’d suggest a purple check (eth branding) instead a blue one since this isn’t the same thing as the standard blue check.


Twitter requiring users to pay $3/mo. to officially indicate that their PFP is an NFT that they own flies in the face of open, decentralized, permissionless values. I am in favor of anything we can do to disintermediate this.


I think a TCR-based verified-NFT registry is sorely needed, and ENS DAO may be uniquely positioned with the “legitimacy” to deploy one that is respected and can use the ENS infrastructure to give it good early distribution.

Random thoughts:

  • Kleros is probably a good starting point. I think a more involved design than simply throwing up a court is necessary to scale it up sufficiently though. Lots of early thoughts on this sort of thing that aren’t worth going into right now.
  • We would probably need to fund the creation of a frontend so users can see very clearly the decisions that lead to the state of the TCR. Kleros’s UI doesn’t make it easy to parse things, and any confusion from users would hurt the legitimacy of the registry.
  • I don’t think $ENS holders are the best people to handle this task. You’re going to want a smaller group of people (elected by a larger group of people) who really really care about NFTs and can process verifications much quicker because they already have a beat on the NFT world. I do think ENS could be well positioned to launch something like this, though.
  • Generally like the blue-check idea, but the main thing is it needs to be really really easy for developers to integrate with such a registry so they stop depending on OpenSea’s API and such for this task.

Super into this idea, should flesh it out more and make a temp check to propose the DAO fund this with a grant!

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Noted (ETH branding).

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Thank you all for the feedbacks!

We’ve created a working group - https://twitter.com/jnptzl/status/1489604368441778180?s=20&t=RlyCFcpwM5n1EwzDlIw--Q

Feel free to join :muscle:


YES. IM VERY interested in branding ENS.

The feeling is mutual, keep in touch with recent developments please.

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