ENS domain is not displayed in etherscan

Hi all. I transferred ENS from one address to another address, set new address in registrant and controller. I can see the nft on opensea, in dApps (uni, aave, snapshot, etc), also when sending eth from metamask by ENS it finds my address, but in explorer in transactions it shows classic address (0x) and there is no tag on my address page that would indicate ENS presence. Also, when searching etherscan for my ENS domain, I still see the correct address as controller and registrant, but clicking on the ‘lookup names’ button next to my address I see the following: “No Domain Names found for this address.”

How can I solve this?

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This is a current Etherscan issue, see here: NameWrapper updates (including testnet deployment addresses) - #131 by hodl.esf.eth

Once Etherscan fixes that, then it should display properly on their site.