Ens domain name

I registered my domain name and funds were taken from CB wallet. But still don’t have any notification on the name. How to check if I got the name. It’s thillai.eth

You didn’t register it. The details show that it is still available.
If you paid for the first step only, you should be able to move onto the third step as long as you are using the same browser that you did the first step.


If you started the registration process, you have seven days to complete it. The process is a two step process where you make the initial Request to Register and then Register the domain name. You can check on etherscan.io, regarding any payment transaction. Premm.eth is correct that it is available. What you could do is go to:


Search by your wallet address or name tag. Go to Blockchain drop down menu and do a search in View Txns and View Pending Txns

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Seems like not yet registered https://etherscan.io/enslookup-search?search=thillai.eth

Yes, but has part one, Request to Register, been initiated? You have seven days to Register, once you do so. You should see a green bar underneath it.