ENS Domain renovation failed

I was trying to renovate my ens domain yesterday and sent the tx but it failed because the contract run out of gas, and I didn’t get my ETH back or the ens domain renewed neither, who can help me with this?

This is the tx:


I’m not sure why you ran out of gas - but when that happens, any funds you sent with the transaction are sent back (really, they never leave).

Well, anyone can check etherscan and confirm the eth amount I had before and after sending the tx, and that currently I missing that exact amount and hasn’t been transferred anywhere, that why I opened the case, because I think this is a mayor issue for anyone using ENS DAPP that might want to renovate their domains.

If you look at the “Value” row on Etherscan, it says “Cancelled”. A transaction that reverts always returns the funds that were with it to the sender. The transaction fee is spent, but any value sent with the transaction is returned.

Further, if you click on the “State” tab, it will show you the changes to all balances that happened as part of the transaction, and you can see that the only thing that happened was the transfer of 0.0042 ether from your account to that of the miner who mined the block.

The Value shows 0.038371975748246083 Ether and have a note that says:
“The amount of ETH to be transferred to the recipient with the transaction” that amount isn’t transferred back yet since 8 days ago that the tx failed, It will take long time for the current status of the blockchain?

I had 0.48 ETH initially and sent 0.038 ETH for the renewal of the ENS domain, the transaction failed and I have now 0.45 ETH and never got back the value( 0.038371975748246083 - 0.00424696809388) so it should returned ~0.034125007654366 ETH but never got back anything so far after 8 days.

The amount never left your wallet. You can clearly see this if you look at the “State” tab - it shows your balance decreasing from 0.460 ether to 0.456 ether.

I don’t know why your balance isn’t what you expect it to be; all I can tell you is that this is how reverted Ethereum transactions work.

Just tried again to renew the domain and same problem again, I even tried with the highest fee(83) in https://www.ethgasstation.info/ right now, there is something that take into consideration while doing the renew of the domain?