ENS domains enter the DNS system after using the eth.limo gateway. Is it possible to implement the NIP-05 authentication service for NOSTR

ENS domains with eth.link or eth.limo gateway can access the DNS. damus.io has a NIP-05 authentication service based on the DNS. I want to allow ENS to access the DNS system via the eth.link or eth.limo gateway. Access to the DNS system. Indirectly, I want to implement damus.io’s NIP-05 authentication service. Is this possible?

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Interestingly the NIP-05 certification service I purchased from their official website is damus@snort.social and amethyst@snort.social . Given their lack of protection and respect for domain names. I swiped and sent a lot of spam messages to their R&D staff. The certified domains were withdrawn the same day. It has now been shown that they will be adding NIP-05 certified names to the next version of the app. So. Domain names are important. Domain names determine uniqueness. Domain names prevent forgery. Of course, the DNS domain name is not really in your hands.
ENS is by far the best solution. It has the strongest R&D. The future is promising.
Finally. Thank you to all the technicians. May technology come to the masses. Equality for all. Free communication.

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I agree with everything you’ve said. Both bespoke implementations of RFC8615 with ENS rely on IPNS – this can be improved if ENS contenthash allowed data:uri field; this will double as an absolute on-chain authentication scheme for all RFC8615-compatible clients. No servers involved whatsoever. Only Ethereum blockchain. One of our engineers @0xc0de4c0ffee will shortly propose an ENSIP in that regard.