ENS Dune Dashboard Updates

The DAO Tooling pod has allocated funds to the creation of a Dune dashboard that captures a range of governance and protocol data about ENS.

The intention of this particular dashboard is to assist the working groups in tracking different metrics related to ENS, which help give an indication of the impact of working group initiatives and funding distributions.

This initiative is separate to the ENS-related Dune dashboards created by Makoto, of ENS Labs.

The Dune Wizard who has been tasked with creating this dashboard (or group of dashboards) is @domo.eth. You can check out an example of a recent example of a Dom’s work here.

Updates on the development of the Dune Dashboard will be shared in this thread.

If you have a specific request for something you would like to see reflected in a Dune dashboard, please DM me on Twitter or make a suggestion in this Airtable form.