ENS Fellowship - Term 4

ENS Ecosystem Fellowship

The purpose of the Fellowship program is to identify and support builders who are actively creating and contributing within the ENS ecosystem, or have already made a significant impact in their contributions to ENS.

Fellows are selected based on their historic efforts and their potential to make positive, long-lasting contributions to the ENS Ecosystem.

A fellow receives a grant to encourage them to continue their work building and experimenting with ENS and acknowledge their past impact on the ENS ecosystem.

The Ecosystem working group allocated 60,000 USDC for term 4 fellowships.

Fellowship Details

  • The Fellowship grant will be 60,000 USDC for the Term—which will be distributed through a stream over the course of 6 months.

  • The ENS Fellow in a given Term is encouraged to provide updates to the Lead Steward of the Ecosystem working group from time to time, so their work may be amplified within the community. A good avenue for these updates is the weekly ecosystem call.

  • There are no specific deliverables an ENS Fellow is required to produce during their Fellowship.

  • Fellows are not precluded from receiving additional grants for their projects from the DAO—whether directly from working groups, the ENS grants platform, the ENS Ecosystem Gitcoin Grants Round, or any other DAO-funded initiative.

ENS Fellow: premm.eth

The ENS Ecosystem Fellow for the Term 4 in 2023 will be premm.eth.

Prem has been contributing to the ENS ecosystem since 2021. Below is a list of Prem’s ENS contributions in 2023.

Research and Bugs:

Bug in NameWrapper Live on L1:

While working an internal audit of SubnameWrapper, Prem discovered a serious bug in the NameWrapper smart contract that was live and deployed to L1 mainnet. The bug would allow the DAO to use the upgrade mechanism in NameWrapper to change the ownership of any name that was wrapped in the NameWrapper smart contract.

A bug like this would warrant a bounty but Prem was ineligible.

Nick’s description of the bug:

A similar vulnerability has been discovered in the name wrapper, which would permit the DAO to appoint a malicious upgrade contract; if approved the upgrade contract could seize control of wrapped names, even if the user does not choose to upgrade the name. The mitigation contracts also mitigate this vulnerability.

Bug in DM3 Gateway

Prem found a bug in the DM3 Gateway code that would have allowed wrong names to be proven on L1, allowing the gateway to “spoof” names and records.

Prem informed the DM3 team and ENS Lab, leading to the issue being posted by Makoto on github preventing a problematic implementation from going live.

This demonstrates a willingness and ability to support ecosystem projects, in every stage development.


Unruggable Names: L1

After the launch of NameWrapper, Prem built the ability to rent subnames on L1. The code totals nearly 2500 lines of code. Thomas Clowes built the front end for for the demo. The app allows anyone to rent subnames using renewal controllers. The demo is currently live on L1 Goerli testnet.

Live Demo: https://unruggablenames.com/

Unruggable Names: L2

Upgraded the L1 code to work on Optimism. With this solution anyone with a second level name, such as base.eth, could start registering and renewing subnames on L2. The demo was built for OP Stack chains, which includes Base, Zora, and the Optimism mainnet chain.

Live Demo: https://optimism-demo.unruggablenames.com/

Github: GitHub - unruggable-labs/L2-ens

Ecosystem Activity

Prem is a helpful member of the ENS Ecosystem community. He has helped builders at EthDenver, EthGlobal Waterloo, EthGlobal New York, and others. He’s one of the most dedicated people in the ENS community.

The Ecosystem Working Group Stewards are thrilled to provide premm.eth with the recognition and financial support he’s clearly earned.

Congrats and keep building!


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