ENS Flux: A free tool for seamlessly adding files to your ENS profile

Hello all,

I’ve built a free tool that simplifies the process of adding various files, such as Resumes, Audio files, or nearly any other type of content—to an ENS profile. The vision is to eliminate the need for new users to interact with IPFS or manually add text records, while encouraging them to explore innovative ways to use their profiles…

While the tool has certain obvious drawbacks/limitations, such as a minor compromise in decentralization and potential personal costs for myself, I believe it has potential to benefit newcomers by offering them an experience and terminology they’re comfortable with.

I’m still in the testing/improving phase… However, I’d greatly appreciate anyone who can give it a try and share any feedback you may have. As of now, it’s functional on both goerli and mainnet.

You can find it at: https://ensflux.eth.limo

Thanks in advance!



Demo: Adding a Resume to your ENS profile in 1 minute. (Twitter vid)

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Pretty cool idea and neat use case of custom ENS records.

Few comments/questions, how does the IPFS CID persist? Are you running an IPFS node to keep these files pinned?

Also, it would cool to be able to specify which IPFS public gateway to use. I see it’s defaulting to Infura’s. Giving users an option to choose other public gateways might be a good idea.

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Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

I’m currently using Infura to pin the files to ensure they persist on the IPFS and am considering the idea of running a node. While this current method has its drawbacks, the main goal was to streamline the user experience.

I really dig your suggestion of allowing users to specify which IPFS public gateway to use. That’s a great idea! Perhaps incorporating a collapsible" advanced settings" tab would be nice to cater to both new and advanced users. I’ll certainly look into implementing this.

I really appreciate your feedback!! Thanks again for checking it out!


Excellent effort!

More of this please :heart:

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