ENS / Galaxis NFTs cancelled?

What happened to the Equinox Collection NFT collaboration with Galaxis? I was enjoying the monthly releases.


Participation was quite low, but I’ve been talking to Galaxis about some fun ideas to revive the project. Keep your eyes peeled!


Yes I was wondering about this too. It’s a bit odd that it didn’t get much engagement.
Would really love to get all 12.

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Also interested in this. I tweeted about it about a month ago and was ignored by all parties.

I’m less interested in the project, and more the fact that it was to some extent endorsed as being ‘official’ and connected with ENS in some capacity and then essentially ‘rugged’ participants. It leaves a bad taste. Plus I’m not sure why the core protocol team is involved/associated with any questionable NFT product in the first place…

There was somebody that offered access to their Onlyfans to all the Galaxis people for that month’s NFT, so that was cool. There was some engagement.

How about pay for some kind of promotional campaign for it? Ads maybe? Is that against the ENS ethos?

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