ENS Grant - Evm Smart Contract Explorer

EVM Explorer

EVM explorer, a custom open-source web interface to collect data with the help of BlockScout API and viem library to explore transaction patterns and user behavior.

EVM Smart Contract Explorer is a tool to simplify the exploration and analysis of Ethereum contracts across multiple EVM chains. With an intuitive interface, users can access comprehensive data and statistics about smart contracts, token balances, transactions, and more.

Evm Explorer is now participating in ENS Small Grants, please vote for us, information about our project is below, share your ideas about in the comments.

ENS Domain Transactions:

Explore ENS Transactions:

Users can explore Ethereum Name Service (ENS) transactions on our website. This feature allows users to delve into the specifics of ENS-related activities, providing detailed insights into transactions involving ENS domains.

Link to ENS Page - EVM Smart Contract Explorer

Key features:

  • Address Search:

Search for Ethereum contracts by their address on 8 EVM chains: Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Base, Mode Network, Zora, Redstone, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

  • Address Page Balance Data:

Displays the token logo, native token balance in USD, token name, contract implementation name, ENS associated name, or address hash.

  • Token Data:

Provides the value of 1 token in USD, number of holders, 24-hour volume in USD, 24-hour volume as a percentage of market cap, and market cap in USD.

  • Address Page Smart Contract Statistics:

Aggregates data for total gas usage, token transfers count, transactions count, and average gas per transaction.

  • Address Page Transactions:

View the 50 latest transactions associated with an address, including receiver, sender, contract method called, ETH or MATIC value, fees, and gas used.

  • Fees:

Displays gas fee cost in USD.

  • Transaction Method and Type:

Color-coded to reflect the mix of coin transfers, token transfers, and contract calls.

  • Blocks Page:

Information on block miner and date, aggregate data for total gas usage, transactions count, and average gas per transaction. Displays all transactions in the block, including receiver, sender, gas used, and value in USD.

  • Token Transfers:

Detailed information about token transfers.

  • Transaction Page:

Block number, transaction type, receiver, contract method call details, sender, gas used in USD, and token transfer details.


We need a grant to enhance the EVM Smart Contract Explorer by improving the user experience, expanding capabilities, and providing detailed insights into Ethereum Name Service (ENS) transactions. Specifically, this grant will enable us to:

  1. Integrate advanced features for exploring transactions.
  2. Support EVM chains such as Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Base, Mode Network, Zora, Redstone, Polygon, and Arbitrum.
  3. Improve data accessibility and display for balance data, token statistics, and smart contract details.
  4. Optimize interface.

This grant will help us create a more powerful and user-friendly tool for the Ethereum community, providing comprehensive and detailed data on Ethereum contracts. We are also applying for a grant to provide more robust features for exploring ENS domain transactions.


Evm Explorer is an OSS tool and its code is available on GitHub

Twitter x.com (EVM Explorer is a part of the Dspyt- into CodeVerse, so we have one main Twitter account)

Link to ENS Page - EVM Smart Contract Explorer