ENS Guide for Chinese users

Today I saw a user post in the Discord in the #:earth_asia:|cn channel.

It seems to be a pretty exhaustive guide to ENS but in Chinese/Mandarin? Please forgive my ignorance of the language terminology. It looks solely ENS focused, and kept up to date. I can’t verify what it says, but in the future when we do some translation, we may want to contact the user for input/help or becoming a contributor for translations.

@Coltron.eth @bobjiang


Hi @zadok7

I checked this website which is awesome, and I connected to the author.
They did great job for Chinese content.

so @Coltron.eth how is the translation team?
we could invite the Chinese translator into the team.


Hi, we built ensuser.com in 2019 and kept up to date, thanks for your attention. This is a website to spread the information of ENS to Chinese lovers, it includes guides, Chinese language docs, and some derivative information related to ENS.

ENSUser is an activity ENS community in Chinese, the communication community gathers a lot of people who care about ENS. I’m sure we can help with translation stuff if needed.