ENS guru help needed for a semi-hacked acct

Are there any alternative ways to update the controller address? :cry: :cry: :cry:

My wallet[old] got hacked and I got just enough time to transfer two of my ens domains to another wallet[new].

However, I am unable to setup the reverse record due to hacker activities…
Although I am the registrant(wallet[new]), but the “controller” is still with my “previously hacked” wallet[old] address…

I have tried sending just enough ETH to wallet[old] just to get the transfer going but no matter how fast I’ve tried to sign and approve the transfer request, hacker(I presume bot?) beats me every time (I’ve already lost $300+ USD).

What makes me more upset is that my ENS airdrop seems to be taken away by the hacker as soon as I claimed it. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Once again, due to my situation above… are there any alternative ways to update the controller address without having to fund my wallet[old]? :cry: :cry: :cry:

Any suggestions or helps are hugely appreciated!!!

Hi guys, I think i have a similar issue for this problem but mines got a bit of a twist,

I think old wallet may have been exploited and some stuff taken but thats all whatever for me.

For me, i bought an ENS domain a while back but just never interacted with it due to lack of compatibility issues at the time with my stuff i used and was a told i pretty much had to wait.

So i waited all that time and now am trying to figure and finalize it. I was wondering if that purchase of domain i bought would be eligible for airdrop?