ENS Learn Docs Translation Program

Hello Community,

I’ve created an on-spec Translation Program for the ENS DAO. The purpose is the translation of Learn Docs (and other relevant material) from English to Spanish. I have experience in this field from my prior involvement in the W&M Research Translation Sub Group.

Check the result here: Water & Music | $STREAM Temporada 1

Below you can find more information regarding the program and Crowdin, a translation tool which can integrate with ENS Github.

  1. ENS DAO Translation Program - Google Docs

  2. Crowdin

Note: Crowdin has freemium model, we can translate one project for free and if we find the tool to be useful we can translate the Learn Docs into several other languages as well.

Thank you,

Marcus Martínez
Community Lead Contributor


Hi @estmcmxci!

Looks like the Crowdin like is not working. I would like to contribute to the Spanish community.


Welcome @cordobes.eth :partying_face:


Hola bienvenido,

¡Gracias por tu interés! En este momento estamos integrando el programa de traducción. Notificaremos a la comunidad cuando estemos listos para comenzar el programa de traducción.


Hello Community,

The Learn Docs are nearly ready to be translated. The translation work will be performed on Crowdin. If you are interested to participate in this initiative, please indicate your interest in this thread.


Updates (August 2022):

Spanish, Portuguese translations in process.

  • The Spanish Language translation initiative is nearing completion. I have begun correspondence with the @ENSLatino community and we are putting out a search for a technical proofreader/interpreter who can demonstrate a competency for meaningfully nuanced translation.
  • @letfrz has joined our translation initiative. @Coltron.eth and I onboarded the Portuguese native speaker (08.26.22), she has since completed her Translation to Portuguese and has been instructed to search for a proofreader/interpreter.

Next Steps

  • The ENS Learn Docs will continue to update their site as translations are completed, h/t Coltron.eth for deploying the site.
  • We are weighing out how to best scale this initiative, for a review on our thought process visit the Dashboard: Translation Initiative Process (Q3/Q4 2022) - HackMD
  • We are actively receiving inquiries to translate into several languages, for now we are focused on translating the LearnDocs into Chinese and Hindi.

Call for translators

If you are interested in this initiative, please stay tuned into our workstream updates. They will be posted as a reply to this thread until further notice. You can send me a direct message here or through any other means. My handle is @estmcmxci on all platforms.


@estmcmxci Great job and an excellent addition
I hope in the future also to be translated into other languages beside these languages, this will help a lot


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Thanks for the update @estmcmxci . I am excited to see Hindi in the localization initiatives finally.

As discussed in our discord conversations. Looking forward to contribute for Hindi Translations.


We hosted our second ENS Global meeting yesterday! Thanks to all those who participated and thanks to @Coltron.eth for being a great Steward for this initiative. Notes from the call will be shared here shortly.