ENS Merch Shop discussion

Hello ENS DAO!

As the ones who built the official ENS Merch Shop, we at General Magic want to thank you for the amazing opportunity. We truly appreciate it! If you want to know more about who we are and what we do, check out our website or follow us on Twitter.

Since winning the RFP bid for building and managing the ENS merch shop in August, we’ve built an app that is able to read your ENS name and generate custom merch for it, take your order and ship it to you.

The purpose of the shop is to provide ENS community with the right merch at the right time. For this, we need your help. You are all invited to use this thread to share inspiration, your expectations, suggest or request merch drops, and discuss what we should do next for our roadmap.

For the shop’s first product, we wanted to make it possible for every name owner to have a hat with their own name along with the ENS logo. This hat was introduced when the shop was launched 2 weeks ago and many of you already got it! We hope you like it and continue to give us feedback as we make updates to the shop and release new merch drops.

Next up, is the release of a t-shirt and a hoodie within a few weeks. There will be a clean version with just a logo, and we are looking at making additional, more playful, version with artwork. You are invited to suggest motifs, styles, ideas and such for the artwork if you want.

Some technical aspects we’ve worked on for the new merch store include improving the overall user experience with more wallet support (Ledger should now work without issues), popup messages, and enabling mockup previews (so you can now see how your hat will look like before ordering).

Soon we will integrate the NftyChat customer support chat widget, so you can message us if you need help with your order. Feel free to propose any other features or improvements you’d like to see!

We also hope to work more closely with ENS DAO to make sure ENS participation in events is followed up with relevant merch.

Let us know what you think! :pray:


I’m glad you liked the idea! I’d suggest probably just picking a design and check with the WG stewards over creating discussion, imo.

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