ENS Merch Store Launch x General Magic

Merch Store Launch x General Magic

General Magic is excited to announce the launch of the official ENS merch shop! You can finally get your hands on official high-quality ENS merch shipped to you worldwide.

Their goal for the merch to promote the ENS brand and showcase the use of ENS names. With that in mind, they have prepared something special for this launch.

What’s in the shop

The first item makes your Ethereum address not only human-readable, but human-wearable too! It is a dad hat in black with a custom name on the front and a blue ENS logo on both sides.

Only the owner of the name can order a hat with that name. Eg. only if you own vitalik.eth can you get a hat with vitalik.eth stitched on the front side.

When you go to the shop, you will be able to connect your wallet, then we will look up your ENS domain, you can select the domain you want on your merch and place an order! Only names shorter than 13 characters (without “.eth”) and without any non-ASCII characters are supported.

For this first batch, there are only 1000 available, so get yours while they last!

Order your hat now at ensmerchshop.xyz

Coming soon

Stay tuned for upcoming item drops including new designs and different types of merch. If you have any suggestions or requests, let us know!
We are excited to be part of this community and value your feedback and proposals.

Also, a special thank you to General Magic for building out and maintaining the site!

Thank you for your support!
The ENS Merch Shop Team


Hey guys! Hey @Coltron.eth

So if you don’t mind me asking what did happen with merch store? I recall that formal RFP posted six months ago - [pRFP] ENS DAO Merch Store, and then if you factor in total time spent discussing merch store, total time in the works would amount to more than a year by now.

I was even making comments on merch store here - Discord

Did it really took literary a year to build merch store with single cap in it? … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My business experience tells me that at this rate we will have fully functioning merch store filled with cool merch somewhere two three years down the road (if ever) :expressionless:

The point here is that if it takes years to launch merch store for blockchain protocol, then something must be broken in the process - the way process is organised is wrong / incentives are wrong.