ENS messaging feature?

I know there are a couple of messaging and email features being worked on and previously some comments on it, but would ENS domain my account itself want to have a basic messaging or comment feature, where you can send a message to a .eth address and all you have to do is go to my account and on another tab to get it. So you can message any .eth address back and forth, almost like a twitter DM, and it would be integrated with ENS my account and automatically come with a .eth address.

The reason to build on top of ens website is

  1. adds utility in a basic way to .eth, where you can communicate with someone if both people wish to reply, etc.
  2. userbase is already going to my account already
  3. i think it helps with the cause of .eth adoption and utility.
  4. instead of building in house, not sure how hard it is, to have a messaging system like twitter 250 characters.

the problem with other service providers is they have no adoption despite the tech, so just adding it on to ENS website my account is like an automatic feature and anyone can have the option to turn it off or not check it. So the only way to get notified is by clicking on the mail button, etc.

it reduces friction in communication as its auto setup upon having a .eth, just like someone can send you a payment to your .eth, they can also send you a short message.


Fun ideas. I have socialchat.eth. It would be cool to be able to automatically resolve your wallet name as a subdomain in front.

Could create sub groups with access. ..socialchat.eth, the UI could just appear as ‘474’ or 474.eth

Subdomain could purpose for routing to chatrooms, servers, channels or lobbies (depending how long you have bee online) lol

I like your idea, so what’s the UI for the messaging?

here is a cool tool, you can try http://nftychat.xyz/


I went on looksrare, and they simply have a link to a blockchain chat. ENS could use that, or replicate its own from its my account. would grow adoption and be a value added service. Could likely monetize it later. Capitalize on website hits to my account part of website.

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I’ve been thinking about implementing this recently on an experimental branch of the v3 app. One question I have is how decentralised should an ENS messaging service be? And what would be its main purpose? To send one-off messages to an ENS address when you have no other way of contacting that person? That’s a possible value add. If it’s just to create a general messaging platform I think we can leave that to people like nftychat.

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I think the point is the blockchain can also be used as a chain of messaging service and communication tool. Maybe the best way to start would be to link niftychat to the ens homepage under my account as a test or beta and see if it picks up. If something is already created, maybe we can link to it. If its listed under my account, I think adoption will grow. It is like how gmail would try to encourage gchat, or facebook would encourage messenger. We get so many eyeballs on the ens my account page, I think adding a messaging service, provides more utility to having a dot eth, if you want to message someone, use their .eth nickname to send the message, just like a payment, the .eth utility is the nickname.

Is niftychat made by anyone at ENS or Eth foundation? I trust ENS, but don;t want to “sign” anything unless its ENS approved.

nftychat is made by slobo.eth, a steward of the ecosystem working group, only one signature is required and it’s a “view-only” signature which doesn’t grant any permissions in your wallet. I personally love nftychat because I think it gets straight to the ethos of what ENS is trying to do with decentralized identity. I also think that the most sustainable approach to growth and adoption of decentralized identity is ENS as the base layer and community members building on top of it like @gregskril and @slobo.eth.

You can also message me there in the ENS or Gitcoin donators channel.


Thanks. My main point is I think we need to use the real estate on ENS domains website to grow the adoption of apps, services, that will help the whole ecosystem grow. Almost like an app store, but maybe something like use at your own risk if not vetted by ENS.

So nftychat could have a little chat icon on the my account page so if anyone wanted to connect or message someone, they could.

Basically, use the real estate, website views, hits of ENS to grow the adoption of apps built on ENS. It is prime real estate. Basically grow users, get them booked on ENS and .eth, and rinse and repeat, and make them all sticky.

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@slobo.eth you wanna get in here and share a bit about your awesome tool, NFTyChat.xyz?

Thanks @Limes @bobjiang @n0vax for highlighting nfty chat.

nfty chat exists because of ENS and the wonderful people who spend their time making it great. Back in October 2021, ENS held a show & tell competition for ENS builders. nfty chat was fortunate enough to win, which led us to raising a pre-seed round, hire a team, and create what you see now. This is one of the many reasons why I’m honored to be a steward so I can do for others what ENS did for me.

Since then we have had over seven thousand people connect their wallets to the site, send thousands of messages, and new folks keep joining every day.

I’m holding a twitter space about nfty chat next Wednesday at 4pm CT, everyone is welcomed. We are releasing a big update, so join to hear about it first.



It’s funny how some people will start shilling from the rooftops just two minutes after arriving whilst others more deserving of our attention have to be coaxed out and nudged towards the spotlight :star2:

Nice post @slobo.eth, thanks for sharing …


What can we do to get more eyeballs on your work? Do you join any of the twitter spaces and try to discuss your project?

You should connect with ENS vision and other ENS focused marketplaces and see if they can link to your chat or iframe it conceptually. would make sense for marketplace to have chat. Initial use case to build users. Community groups another use case. Would love ENS my account page to have your chat linked there…immediate adoption.

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