ENS messaging feature?

I know there are a couple of messaging and email features being worked on and previously some comments on it, but would ENS domain my account itself want to have a basic messaging or comment feature, where you can send a message to a .eth address and all you have to do is go to my account and on another tab to get it. So you can message any .eth address back and forth, almost like a twitter DM, and it would be integrated with ENS my account and automatically come with a .eth address.

The reason to build on top of ens website is

  1. adds utility in a basic way to .eth, where you can communicate with someone if both people wish to reply, etc.
  2. userbase is already going to my account already
  3. i think it helps with the cause of .eth adoption and utility.
  4. instead of building in house, not sure how hard it is, to have a messaging system like twitter 250 characters.

the problem with other service providers is they have no adoption despite the tech, so just adding it on to ENS website my account is like an automatic feature and anyone can have the option to turn it off or not check it. So the only way to get notified is by clicking on the mail button, etc.

it reduces friction in communication as its auto setup upon having a .eth, just like someone can send you a payment to your .eth, they can also send you a short message.


Fun ideas. I have socialchat.eth. It would be cool to be able to automatically resolve your wallet name as a subdomain in front.

Could create sub groups with access. ..socialchat.eth, the UI could just appear as β€˜474’ or 474.eth

Subdomain could purpose for routing to chatrooms, servers, channels or lobbies (depending how long you have bee online) lol

I like your idea, so what’s the UI for the messaging?

here is a cool tool, you can try http://nftychat.xyz/

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