ENS Name Gift Link

First and foremost, GM²⁷ to all!

Temp Check on how the community feels about implementing the ability for users to easily create a link which initiates the purchase of the specified ENS Name, to be delivered to the specified wallet


  1. User searches the ENS Registrar and finds that their desired name is available.

  2. An option is provided to the user whereas the user may create a direct-purchase-link for their desired name.

  3. User is directed to enter the specified wallet to receive the specified ENS Name at the time the name is purchased by any wallet through the link, and the link is presented to User to copy and paste wherever.

  4. User posts on social media pleading for someone, anyone, to please click on this link and buy me this name…translation = marketing gold.

When the link is clicked

  1. User who engaged with the link will be taken to a landing page, possibly adorned with Ethereum-logo-shaped balloons, fun terms like frENS, and pictures of the Times Square ad, etc).

  2. Information is clearly displayed about the link, how it was created, how it functions, what happens when they click the proceed.

  3. User agrees and understands that the following wallet ID or .eth name will be the recipient even though USER is paying for the transaction.

More marketing gold because people will click on this link that may not be familiar with ENS and this will provide exposure to the community.

Heartfelt wishes of peace and love to all of our frENS!


Optimistically, this is a great idea from a marketing standpoint… but unfortunately the IT security side of me shudders to think how easily it could [would] be used for phishing, deception, theft, etc.

How about instead of a “buy me this name” link, what if there was an easy way for someone to buy and gift a name to someone else? I’ve answered this question a number of times on the discord server recently. As it stands today, the process of gifting an ENS name to someone else is rather arduous, especially if the buyer and/or recipient is new to ENS or Ethereum in general.

For example, if you’re gifting an ENS domain to someone else and just want everything set to their address so that they have to do the fewest number of transactions possible, then you:

  1. Register the ENS name.
  2. Update the ETH address record to the recipient’s address, and also the avatar and anything else you want to set for them, all in one transaction
  3. Set the Controller to their address
  4. Transfer the Registrant to their address. Now they own the NFT.

The receiver will still need to be the one to set the primary name on their address though, so that’s one transaction they will need to do, if they want a Primary Name set.

Is it technically possible today to manually register against the contract from one address while setting the registrant, controller, and ETH address record to a different address in one fell swoop? At first glance at least, it appears the pieces are there: https://github.com/ensdomains/ens-contracts/blob/master/contracts/ethregistrar/ETHRegistrarController.sol#L88

If it is possible, then that would hopefully make things far less gassy. If not, then it could still be done, just more transactions for the user (or another contract that interacts with the ENS registrar). But either way an easy-to-use UI would need to be built for the average person to be able to do that.


Ah, and I just saw you created this separate topic along those lines, great! Ability to Specify Custom Registrant and Controller at Time of ENS Name Registration