ENS names on standard browser

Hello everybody.
I have couple of questions that might be important for (not only crypto)world acceptance.

  1. I know about some special browsers, that work with .eth names. But if there some modules or plugins for standard browsers (like Google Chrome) to work with .eth?
  2. What we, as a community, can do, for standard browsers improvements, so, that they(browsers) would be able to work with .eth in DEFAULT configuration from the box?

I believe 2) is very important for increasing .eth names value and as a consequence $ENS price.


Hi, Opera and Brave browsers can resolve .eth domains and IPFS, Arweave hashes. You can of course resolve .eth through .link by default and additionally .limo gateways without doing anything. An extension for Chrome and Firefox is in the works (I think)


Default resolution of .eth out of the box is not possible as such since .eth TLD is reserved for Ethiopia by ICANN. I heard a while ago that ENS was in talks with the Ethiopian government to relinquish their TLD and use an alternative one. Having said that, I do not know where I read this or how accurate this is. Perhaps someone who knows more will be able to elaborate.


Thank you.
Do we, as a community, want to help them with that?
I think it’s really important for us.


I literally published an article about this specific question in the summer. It was after the topic was raised in a discussion with dxDAO.


I have written about this a bit here: ETTP: a new standard for browser resolution


From what I know, they are lacking funds at the moment and have requested a grant from ENS in the budget. Fingers crossed.

Another idea here: we can ask Metamusk and other wallets Chrome extension to resolve.eth

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I believe MetaMask already works with resolve.eth

What, Almonit Extension? No no, it’s a misunderstanding.

Almonit project stopped a year ago, and there are no plans to continue it. I control the domain almonit.eth. The link you gave is from more than a year ago. Almonit.eth was not updated since March 2021…


It redirects .ETH to https://app.ens.domains only, no resolution

MetaMask resolves ENS into eth-address.

Ahh, I did not mean that. If you have MetaMask extension, try to type mydomain.eth/ in the browser URL field :love_you_gesture::upside_down_face:

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Make sure to add a slash to the end https://vitalik.eth/

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That’s like the most important part :joy: :smiling_face_with_tear:

.et is the ccTLD for Ethiopia afaik, not .eth . I think it’s more about the fact that adding resolution of a new TLD usually involves passing a formal ICANN application. I guess browsers, developers and companies are somewhat obliged to obey. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

Beacon is a web browser for iOS that resolves .eth with DNS using EIP-1185. It’s the first DANE-compatible browser so you can even set up secure https for a .eth domain, without the need to trust a third-party CA.

You can download it and try http://humbly.eth, which resolves using DNS.

We will launch versions for MacOS and Windows, Android soon.

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Yes, I just tried. Metamask chrome extension does resolve .eth

try https://vitalik.eth/

2 years ago @brantly.eth said the following

I work for ENS and have discussed this exact question with people from ICANN. Here’s my understanding:
Yes, .ETH is reserved by ICANN on DNS. They reserved all 3 letter country codes years ago (and yes, .ETH is for Ethiopia), but haven’t actually given them to the countries (which already have 2 letter country code TLDs), so .ETH is not used by anyone. My current understanding is that they don’t plan on giving them to the countries, but also don’t necessarily have plans to make them available as gTLDs. If ICANN ever did make .ETH available for registration as a gTLD, ENS may try to get it as a defensive move to prevent name collisions. But we’ll see what happens if it’s ever made available.


Can we, as a community, try to initiate a discussion with ICANN about it?

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