ENS Normalization with {FE0F} inclusion - ENS Fee and more

@nick.eth you’re always against squatting, even while advocating for ens fairy, what have you done to ensure no one pre-registers unicode released emojis which are yet to be released on devices. Apparently a few newer ones have already been registered since November or so and these emojis would be released to he public in 2024.

You speak a lot against squatting for someone who has done nothing to avoid it and yourself picked nick.eth, a trademark of Nickelodeon. Quite hypocrite, are we?

While I’m sharing a solution to avoid it and punish those who do, you for some reason are against it, same with @raffy and @serenae I’ve been suggesting pregistering FE0F version of newer emojis, adopting it and releasing it when they’re available.

What solution have you yourself found against it?

check this address for eg -https://etherscan.io/address/0x67b52643aec5d25F62197539f6C1f39702132d51
My best guess would be that one if you is a holder of one such wallet. It’s sad that other don’t yet understand about sequences so there’s only a few of advocating against it.

My suggestions :

  1. Pre-register all emojis released by Unicode and it put them up for sale at a premium when these emojis are released to the public. They’re still unregistered in their FE0F format.
  2. Squatters would abandon their own pre-registered stripped FE0F emojis which they claimed and pre-registered wrongly due to your incompetency. Thus their 1000s of $ go waste.
  3. When these emojis are released to the public on all devices, put them up for sale on a fair value decided by the DAO. This is in line with your ens-fairy vision.

I don’t think accusing like this is a healthy way to progress. But I stand with the suggestions you made, domain squatting is a huge problem in DNS, 1000s of quality domains remain unused because of a selected few. Apart from the idea to re-implement {FE0F} in newer eligible emojis, I suggest you all also read this FuelNomen blog and how they’re planning to fight this problem.

And this by @vbuterin

I agree with the fact that ENS DAO has hardly done anything to address these issues, which are not new to ENS.

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They removed my last post LMAO

They removed it previously I’m posting again, removing any inappropriate words :

They’re a bunch of centralized people, sitting on ENS fees and only benefitting the squatters (perhaps their own alts). They don’t have time to read these blogs. Instead of complaining one should just profit off their inefficiencies.

While there have been txns you can check to see tornado and mixers have been used to fund wallets vesting the tokens, perhaps by @nick.eth himself.

You’d be surprised how less is their bug bounty award compared to any other protocol with a tvl this big. WGs are paid more than any random security auditor with a legit bug! @vbuterin would be proud of what ENS has achieved, they swapped $15M ETH for their own WGs and tasks which you’d wonder what they are, while a security auditor would barely be paid 250k for even the most critical bug they find.

I’m dumb to have been offering solutions to them to curb squatting and fee related issues, I could have just profited off it, literally wasting my time in the forum.

You could raise an issue or proposal and realize it soon how centralized their voting is, the sheer amt of voting power delegates have, incl that of coinbase is just pretty dumb. If you oppose what they do or offer a legit solution, others who have been benefitting from this would take you down, ponzi.

Just observe how few non US folks are there in the whole DAO and also how every time they just select their friends as the stewards. They’re taking free money from your fee for literally doing nothing substantial. Look back at how they removed @brantlymillegan for a tweet from years back.

There’s enough uproar from the community about how the DAO functions and makes decisions, but it’s of no use, you can’t do anything about it. Bunch of centralised thugs @alisha.eth @nick.eth

When I pointed to @raffy in the chat how the same ens would be worth 64x bec of a rule they implemented 7 years ago, his point is that thinking about the cost/fee is not his job and when I answered nick of it here, he just changed the context

They’re attending eth events with the DAO money.