ENS PR and Marketing Activities


Please receive this update on April 2023 public relations (PR) and marketing activities for ENS highlighting the major wins over the past month. From media outreach to social media campaigns, we continue our efforts at a consistent and sustained approach to engaging the media and the broader market.

Our marketing partners at FTF are working on a series of campaigns promoting the new manager, name wrapper, and the MoonPay integration. You should already see some of this activity on Twitter like this one: https://twitter.com/ensdomains/status/1651747586649509888

MoonPay is also supporting these go-to-market efforts with posts and email blasts.

Note that we decided not to use our very limited resources sending people to the old manager only to encounter a less than ideal user experience. Now that the new manager is up and running (and beautiful) we’re comfortable introducing more people to the new app.

We started our PR efforts in September of last year. The industry falling deeper into crypto-winter coupled with the FTX scandal made it difficult for a “feel good” project like ENS to get airtime. Nonetheless, we still had many wins and April 2023 was also a strong month. Please see the linked PR coverage report below for April. Our PR partner YAP Global will publish this monthly report for us. Also, keep in mind that the bi-monthly ENS DAO Newsletter (by @estmcmxci and @daylon.eth) does a fantastic and comprehensive job of covering these activities as well.


This seemingly worked in ENS’ benefit. It gave some extra quiet developing time as people were focused on FTX and it alleviated social pressure to release a functional production ready product prematurely.

What is FTF?

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Yes, I do believe it ultimately worked to our benefit. FTF is From the Future. https://ftf.co/


Thanks for the update and for the mention. :saluting_face:


Necessary and useful explanation. Congratulations on your achievements. I suggest that this kind of approach to the community be more frequent, whether the developments are positive or not – why not showcase them? Transparency is crucial :handshake:.

Smart decisions.


This may sound crazy, but has there ever been a suggestion or proposal to utilise some of the marketing / PR talent within the community ?

For example, perhaps create an annual or monthly award for the most creative it engaging ENS related Article, Artwork, Meme or short video/commercial.

The awards wouldn’t need to be extravagant to begin, as I feel that most people would enjoy the prestige and notion of being awarded some
Form of offical ENS recognition.

It could be a really easy and fun way to find a productive middle ground to enhance the community - DAO relationships.


Thanks for the shout! :blue_heart:


This is a great idea - monthly submissions with a prize for anything that is utilized…an ENS DAO Marketing Working Group would really help get things cooking - it also may spur some contagious goodwill and good-energy that could translate into more people joining the community because they like the vibe of the community arts collabs.


Conversely, it may be a good idea to educate the lay-public on FTX / Centralized / Rug-able systems vs ENS / Ethereum / Decentralized systems - something very important that nobody really does. FTX happens, sours the public opinion of “crypto” and then that bad taste just sits there - but nobody ever does any PSA type stuff to educate the public on stuff like “of course you lost your money in FTX - you were never in control”

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