Ens registration

I registered my ENS name however for some reason and it might have been something that I did on accident I don’t know. But for some reason the ENS is registered under a different address( 0x283Af0B28c62C092C9727F1Ee09c02CA627EB7F5) I am still listed as the controller 0x2A8E7F7D489D1678eB4E45971439059656137636) Will this be a problem at some point I looked at the account that it’s registered under and the person does have some very random ens domain names, Is there any way I can reclaim my anus As I’ve already started building around it And Webb 3 as well as on web 2

Hi @Meththot.com :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t find any recent registrations by you, nor can I find which ENS name this is regarding as thejackattack.eth seems to be owned by a third wallet address (…092) to which a number of names were transferred 8 days ago.

It would be great if you could go to our Discord at https://chat.ens.domains and open a support ticket (in the #create-a-ticket channel) or DM the ENS Twitter support account here: https://twitter.com/ens_support

Then we’ll be able to help you faster, and it’ll be more private so you don’t have to post all your wallets/transactions and names here on the forum!