ENS reverse contract

Hi ,
I’m actually doing a version of ens , and I don’t understand well the reverse registrar and resolver. it’s help to see in a readable way our domains ?
(plus if someone like to check on my code if that is possible I’ll be grateful :slight_smile: )

Forward resolution means going from ENS name → record, like from domain.eth → 0x… ETH address
Reverse resolution means going from 0x… → ENS name.

The Primary Name (formerly called Reverse Record) is what your 0x address resolves to with the reverse registrar. When you have one set, then your primary ENS name (as well as avatar and possibly other records) will show up on integrated sites/dapps instead of your 0x address.

The resolver is a smart contract that resolves records like coin addresses, content hash, or other text records like avatar/etc. There is a default ENS public resolver set when registering a new name through the ENS manager app. Some owners of ENS names have custom resolver contracts set to do all sorts of fancy things. https://docs.ens.domains/contract-developer-guide/writing-a-resolver