ENS root multisig governance


A discussion about how to manage multisig holder and discuss improvement/alternative ways.



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In my opinion, there are two core questions:

  1. What outcomes/metrics should the governance process be optimizing?
  2. Who should have input?

Deciding the former may beg the latter.

Here is some interesting non scientific voting on CT. Currently the majority is leaning towards no governance voting, but that does not mean we don’t have to think about governance at all given we are gradually accumulating fees on registration/renewal.

If it’s still relevant for the call would like to quickly show and discuss the structure of the DXdao and why this could work nicely for ENS in managing the ENS root and fund management.

yeah, sounds good. Probably we can allocate 10 min or so. Remind me in the beginning if I forget to include you.

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