ENS September 2023 Small Grants Update

Hey Everyone,

https://ensgrants.xyz/ is currently incorrectly reflecting a “Voting Open” status. The new voting mechanism is still in-progress and we will be pushing back the voting period. If you made a submission and weren’t able to enter, please message me on the forum stating your project and application details.

I will update this thread as progress is made.


Perhaps in the meantime: Could a list of those who will receive 1155 cards be made public? this would be a good time to check if any persons / addresses were left off or anyone who may want to request to be included.

The mechanism for deciding who is receiving cards is public and a way to submit if you didn’t do these things is above in gregs comment.

Yes you are correct, this is how someone who does not fit the criteria would be able to manually request to be added to receive a voting card, after review of the stewards.

Is there a list of addresses that we may view of the eligible addresses?

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ENS Small Grants is now live! Accounts with voter cards can participate here.