ENS Small Grants Bug? Trillion Votes!

I thought this was ensgrants.xyz UI/API issue…

it’s same in snapshot…

There was an error in the JSON for the Snapshot strategy. The round is going to be scrapped and restarted due to an issue with the ensgrants.xyz UI not allowing voting to happen on the front-end.

Since it’s being restarted, can the WG consider using the NFT voter cards?

The prior PG WG small grant with the NFT voter card had 111 participators vote, whereas this round only had 10 votes with only two days left.

I don’t mean to single anyone out but when one delegate is voting 170K $ENS in small grant proposal it creates voter apathy, as evidenced by the low voter turn out, and going to discourage participation. On the other hand the NFT cards encouraged increased participation by leveling the playing field.

The round has been removed from Snapshot, and we are working to re-queue it later in the week. It was confirmed the voting count was due to an issue with the Snapshot strategy JSON and caused the ensgrants.xyz interface to display the erroneously high number of voting power. This has been fixed.

There was a separate issue that prevented voting on the ensgrants.xyz platform. Users were forced to navigate to Snapshot to vote. This should have contributed to the low participation rate for this round. The fix for the UI is still being looked into, but is expected to be resolved.