ENS socks - sockclub.com

I picked up a pair of sweet IPFS socks @web3con made by sockclub.com and I would like to see if there is any interest in having ENS socks made up.

Looks like they could be cool, but Iā€™m personally not a sock guy.


Cool idea but I think we are too early for socks. I would definitely get some though! :laughing:Having a link or an option in the swag store might work. I am not sure about the cost of the subscription though. Also, t-shirts and hats make better advertising, at least in warmer climates.

It would be cool to give out ENS socks for an exclusive event, like the MAGIC fashion show. Limited Edition ENS socks with a matching POAP!


I would definitely buy a few pairs of ENS socks.

When is the Right Time for Socks?

After shirts, hats, and hoodies, but before shoes, and potentially by the next IRL event and/or when the merchandize store is up.

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Definitely paired with hoodie release or very shortly after

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