ENS - Solana Interoperability?

How will the functionality of ENS be affected if names were transferred to Solana via bridge ?

I’m reading the bridge only supports ERC-721.

Are there plans for a cross chain interoperability contract that’s supports usability for ENS names ?

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Our CCIP-read off-chain resolver can work with any external storage.

One example is Lens profile where the chain is on Polygon but stani.lens is also extended as stani.lens.xyz

Bear in mind that the current implementation is all based on trusted solution where you have to trust the gateway service that fetches the data offchain. We are working on so called l2 resolver which is more minimised but only work on rollup chains like Optimism, Arbitrum, Linea, Starknet, etc. I explained the more detail at my recent Ethcc talk here

Without these integration, bridging the ENS name to other chain alone has no effect.
When the name (as NFT) is bridged to other chain, the token is often owned by the bridge contract but ENS name resolution is irrelevant to the name ownership (it just looks up ENS record on the resolver contracts).