ENS Space held by Alisha was a dumpster fire that doesnt represent Web3 or ENS. Shameful. Alisha must step down

Some of the ideas that were proposed in the dumpster fire of a space hosted by Alisha:

  • Decentralised safe space. What? ENS is for everyone, if you want a safe space please create a private chat group. The term Decentralised safe space is an oxymoron. You cannot be both a safe space with an echo chamber of views you share, and also decentralised sharing different world views at the same time. The fact that one of the public faces of ENS Alisha promotes this is a dangerous trend.
  • Someone called mec went on a rant on how Brantly should be forced to sell his coins. What? Do you even understand crypto? Going through her profile, she is a 2021 NFT promoter. Expected views from these kind who have usurped crypto in the last year. Its quite obvious she doesn’t know what crypto is, let alone what ENS is except having a domain because it the “cool” thing to do. Why are such people allowed a voice in the DAO?
  • One gay person who supported Brantly’s right to state his views was called names and abused.
  • Someone said gay people should be paid reparations from the ENS treasury because of this incident.

Ironically, the entire space sounded like a church sermon. People were calling to de-platform brantly from web3 for what he said on a web2 website, and had nothing to do with his merit. Talking about forcing a holder to sell his token is as anti-crypto and anti-decentralisation a view as any I have ever heard. People who promote that should not be allowed a voice of legitimacy especially by a protocol like ENS that aims to promote decentralisation. Yet, this is what Alisha did.

I am from an Islamic majority country with a population of 250 million people. In neighbouring countries like Singapore and Malaysia which are some of the financial and crypto capitals of the region, being queer is illegal by law. The views that Brantly posted are the norm here and have been for years, both according to religious beliefs as well as local customs and traditions. ENS is not just a space for queer Americans to participate, if the community is really inclusive it will consider the prevalent traditions and customs from countries across the world where many ENS users are situated.

If you want a safe space please by all means have your own ENS groups, no one is infringing on that. Please dont foce your American narratives on people that dont have anything to do with it. Being inclusive works both ways - its not a one way street where one set of people can stamp their views on the others.

Diversity by its very meaning allows different and dissenting opinions and accepting that there will be people with the opposite views. And despite differences, working together. This is the essence of diversity. not imposing your views on others. ENS is inclusive and diverse, because it does not prohibit anyone from joining based on societal constructs.

ENS has been very inclusive with trans and gay people - no one has called for their exclusion from the community despite trans/gay activities being illegal in several parts of the world, including major crypto centres. Now all we expect is the trans/queer community to do the same and be inclusive of others who share different views that are a result of their own society and cultural beliefs. Not everyone should be forced to accept Western culture.

In this case, there are literally millions of people across the world who share brantly’s views because of prevailing customs, laws, and societal constructs. Are they all wrong? Should all of them start accepting American views just so they can participate in Web3? It is a ridiculous and absurd proposition.

Decentralisation stands for decentralisation, it’s as simple as that. It does not stand for your feelings.

Pandering to a minority, Alisha is bringing disrepute to ENS among hundreds of million people across the world. who share the views of brantly, because the other side is neither law, nor customs in many parts of the world.

I would ask Alisha to either step down from her position of power and refrain from further actions that bring disrepute to the community.


There is literally no need for Alisha to step down. She is by far the most loving, caring, inclusive ENS banner carrier. She should should not even dragged in such a topic.


U have feels about the spaces, civil discourse is the way, not this troll post. GET REAL Alisha did nothing wrong in the spaces FYI.


I agree with everything you just said with the exception of your final statement. Alisha seemed attempting to do some damage control, we are not perfect.

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tl;dr ENS should allow hate-mongering fundamentalists because decentralisation should respect all traditions

You love to see it

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You are pro ENS allowing people whom majority of the Islamic people in the world (around 2 billion people world wide) think they are embodiment of sin (haram) because Islamic Hadith’s describe these activities as immoral activities, you cannot tolerate Islamic views but you want the other side to tolerate your views without any questions. You will happily classify all believers of Islam as “hate-mongering fundamentalists” because they dont ascribe to your degenerate ideals. Sounds like you are an intolerant fascist, the very type who should not have any place in a welcoming community


Please stop labelling homophobia as a widely accepted Islamic view or sin. This is your very own interpretation and no you can neither talk on behalf of 2 billion Muslims around the world nor as a designated speaker of a religion.


This is not my interpretation, nor am I the designated speaker of the religion, but you will accept that The Quran is the foundation for Islamic beliefs and all Islamic beliefs flow from the Quran and this is what it says on the subject:

Those two of you who commit it, chastise both of them. However, if they repent and make amends, then, overlook them. Surely, Allah is Most-Relenting, Very-Merciful.

If two men commit a lewd act, punish them both; if they repent and mend their ways, leave them alone- God is always ready to accept repentance, He is full of mercy.

If you go to reading the Hadiths, the views are much more aggressive. The Quran, Hadiths and various Imams speak on behalf of 2 billioin Muslims.

This is not too different from what brantly said on this subject

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I would like to say thank you! to Alisha for hosting the call which was open to all and gave anyone the time and space to talk and be listened to by a team member of TNL and the many many other people on the call. I expect and hope there will be more opportunities in the future for this type of listening and inclusion as the DAO takes on more responsibilities distributed throughout the ENS community.


I just asked my muslim friend. He said only he speaks for himself. So it is 2 billion - 1 now. Plus, take your theological lorem ipsum in another forum where it belongs. If not, I will be tagging the moderators in the next comment.

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@moderators This thread should be closed


Thank you for having the courage to share this! You are spot on.

I do not support asking anyone to step down, but I do think that the Twitter Space was a huge disservice to ENS as a public utility.

If others read & agree with what was written here, please know that you’re not alone. I’ve made myself a delegate (triggerwarning.eth) to help in the battle against this attempt to build a “safe space” here. There’s no such thing as a decentralized safe space. It’s an oxymoron.

ENS is a public utility - just like electricity and water - that should be available to every human, irregardless of their beliefs.


Agreed. Couldn’t help but acknowledge grudging appreciation for her eve though I was opposed to the direction the narrative was being pulled in.

My god. I’ve seen so much of you but have yet to hear you actually engage with anyone in good faith. Please.

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Agreed I applaud her for her sensativity.

I listened in to Alisha’s space and from the start she decided to give others a safe space to express their feelings and at least for myself I felt that it helped me process.

I don’t understand at all why anyone would want her to step down.

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I am sad that the speakers from “alisha.eth’s” space will move to the next tweet in a couple of days while we’ll be left to repair whatever is left from the ENS community. From what I could pick up, the main speakers were mostly not active participants in the ENS, but found it as moral duty to step up and monopolize the conversation, which became rather a one-sided attack, request for monetization of their mental labor, reparations, requests to subject us to mandatory therapy by inclusion psychologists etc. while it should have been a dialogue. I am in no way a supporter of what Brantly has said, even if I am a free speech advocate. It was unnecessary, and very poorly phrased. One could immediately see that it might hurt someone. I think he should have apologized if his tweet has offended anyone, and at the same time, I feel this was a tweet. I could choose to get offended every day, but I choose not to. I move on with my life and hope that people change, evolve. We live on a specter, opinions change, I am willing to give people that chance.
As to alisha.eth, come on. We all want the web3, the DAO model, the industry in general to succeed, and for that to happen, we need to chill and understand this is all new. Noone here is a PR expert, a lawyer, a professional moderator. We’re just enthusiasts that are trying to invent a new world, and we’ll make some serious mistakes on the way. This was not even close to being one. Love you all!

Sir, there are people here with deep knowledge and expertise in PR, Law, Moderation among other things. Have you read any forum posts here? Your own contribution here on Discourse is next to none, so I am surprised when you say that others are not active members.

Exactly why I did not monopolize the call yesterday. Because my contribution is next to none. But what I’ve heard was that one of the community leaders was being told to shut to fuck up by speakers with no ENS contribution whatsoever. In an ENS community call.
I am not here to argue with you or anyone else, you do you, I’ll do me. That’s what web3 is for. And as long as I am not hurting you, please leave me be.

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