ENS sub-domain registrar queries

  1. How to transfer ownership Deed to ENS sub-domain registrar smart contract?
  2. From what I understand so far, there’s already a deployed smart contract for subdomain registrar. In what cases would I use that and in which one I would deploy my own smart contract?
  3. Can I register subdomains such that once created nobody but the subdomain owner can transfer it (not even the domain owner)?
    Like once registered foo.bar.eth for owner 0xaddr1
    bar.eth owner 0xaddr2 shouldn’t be able to change ownership of that subdomain

The above example could be wrong as if I try to run subdomain registrar smart contract, the owner of bar.eth would be that smart contract. I’m looking for a trust-less way where subdomain owner doesn’t have to worry about getting his/her access revoked


Check out the Decentraland Avatars which leverages .dcl.eth names

You can just transfer it as you would to any other address, as long as the contract you’re using supports it. Are you talking about the official subdomain registrar?

Use the deployed one if it suits your need. Use a custom one if it doesn’t.

That’s how the official subdomain registrar works, by requiring the owner of the domain to hand over their deed to the contract, making it impossible for them to take it back again.

I can’t seem to find the official subdomain registrar contract address, where can I find it? (somewhere in the ens.domains docs or someplace else)

I think this one https://etherscan.io/address/0xe65d8aaf34cb91087d1598e0a15b582f57f217d9#code

github repo is on https://github.com/ensdomains/subdomain-registrar