ENS Subdomains and DNS Subdomains

Hi, if I want to create subdomains for my DNS registered in ENS, will I need to create the subdomain in both the DNS and ENS?

eg, I want to set up something such as:



You would only need to create the subdomain in ENS, not in DNS also. Once the top level DNS name has been imported into ENS, just go under the subdomain tab for the DNS that has been imported, and then you can create all the subs you need.

Each subdomain can have all its own unique records like the ETH Address Ethereum tokens arrive to, avatar image, social media links, etc.

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Great, thanks Zadok7!


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No problem. One way to understand DNS name importing into ENS, is that ENS names are not just .eth names. Of course .eth is most commonly known as ENS names, but an imported DNS name into the ENS protocol, is also an ENS name…

Cheers James!

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Yep, exactly! I have my name as .com (but not .eth) and want to use it as my wallet(s) and website… but it’s just too darn expensive to register .com into ENS at the moment!