ENS subname registrations in big numbers...?

I am in a thinktank creating an (own) subdomain registrar based on a hot topic .eth (+ .com) domain publishing a “Global Campaign with individuals as certified members”, to put it simple here.

If everything rolls out positively, there might be numbers from 10k to >100k subnames… and eventually presenting a new ENS use perspective for Campaigning!

I read a lot of threads around and picked up a few uncertainties related to big subname numbers. Since i am myself not a coder, i am looking for help (or partnerships).

My first question refers to serving big subname numbers and what issues have to be cleared upfront (e.g. referring Chains, L2s, Smart Contract, Gas, Upgrades…) to make this publication scalable with a userfriendly interface.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts (e.g. on selected issues)

Ref. L2 / Gas:
I found this ENS doc ref. L2 rollups with more references like this Demo how resolve an ENS name using a L2 solution like Optimism.

Now it seems to me this solution works without a risk that offchain data could be compromised (?) … Secured Member data would be an important precondition for the Campaign Trust as described above!

The new model also saves Gas when storing and updating ENS records which would be a great benefit for the Campaign Members (subname owners).

But afterall, are these things ready to roll out a global project within upcoming 4 months?

Ref Chains
I like the idea to offer subname regs to our Campaign members without the ETH Gas volatility.

Some alternative evm registrars are installed already. Also CCIP seems to operate across multichain … if the gateway can be controlled seriously. But i have no idea, how big are the risks of being compromised. These concerns derive from the responsibility i must provide to all Campaign subname holders.

Could a regular registrar contract on ETH later be switched to alternative chains?

The more i research my keywords above the more i understand these mark the dev. edge these days. Everybody here is working on some innovative solution rel. to Namewrapper and submints, L2 registrar, CCiP read, profiling/ dec. storage, verified credentials, authentication etc. … and new combinations of these.

ENS enables a fascinating ecosystem! I offer Marketing reaching out for Dev.

P.S. I recommend a fresh Epicenter Podcast with Nick.eth around Multichain ENS Domains and Decentralised Identities. Ep. 520

The release of evmgateway modules this week was a big present for me! It does solve nearly all my questions related to big numbered submints, L2 data call, CCiP read, profiling/ dec. storage of Campaign members records and references.

Now under this conditions how to find a coder with ENS routine to bring an innovative evmgateway usecase on the rails? We have a short expose to send out.