ENS to ENS redirection

I think redirecting one ENS domain to another would be a great feature that would allow some nice usecases.

By ENS to ENS redirection I mean that you could point one ENS domain (1st) to another one (2nd) and behave with the records of the other one.

  • Using text records of the 2nd
  • Sending payments to wallet addresses of the 2nd.
  • Reverse resolving the 2nd.
  • Linking to hash of 2nd.
  • etc

Use case

A user has 3 names that are used in different places for any reason but in reality only uses one wallet, one webpage or any other record. He has to maintain 3 times every change of any record, with the hassle and transfer fees.

With redirection, he could just set once one domain to redirect to another and just keep up to date the other one.

An idea

Maybe ENS could write an official redirect resolver with an additional record that stores the name to be redirected to and provide in the APP an option to do a redirection that would just switch the resolver and write this record in the domain that wants to have a redirection.

Not sure if it’s feasible.

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