ENS Treasury allocation / Asset mix

Hello community, I am finding it hard to get the treasury allocation / asset mix of ENS. Can you please point me in the right direction, with relevant links?


Hello, and welcome to the forum!

The ENS DAO treasury wallet (wallet.ensdao.eth) can be found here.

A list of other ENS related wallets, such as the ENS “Cold Wallet” and “Token Timelock” can also be found here, if you are interested in knowing more about the on-chain financial activities involving individuals associated with ENS.

This is the current state of things.
You can view the Google Sheet of the spreadsheet below HERE.

Just FYI some of the tokens (ETH, USDC, & $ENS) in Working Group multisigs are already allocated but have not been distributed. Also, there are ~18,000,000 more $ENS tokens that could be claimed by the DAO. The $ENS tokens allocated to the Treasury unlock linearly over 4 years and can be claimed by the DAO through an executable proposal. The last claim was in November 2021.

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