ENS Twitter account activation

Hello! I’m always rooting for ENS.
I want to suggest something.
I know that you’re working hard at ENS.
But it’s so quiet when I look at it from the outside.
I hope you post more news on ENS Twitter account.

He’s taking the lead in promoting ENS.
I haven’t registered my domain yet, but I’m working hard to register my domain soon.

Thank you for reading the long comment.

Not too quiet! 81k ENS names registered this month! WooHoo


i registerd just a moment ago


@kimjang5555555 ENS is getting a lot of press but that may be a fair point regarding the actual ENS twitter account. I tend to follow brantly.eth for all news as he seems to be leading the charge. I think that the ENS team has made themselves really accessible and approachable which may be why we have seen such a spike in new registrations. I have found the transparency and access to be really awesome.

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That is awesome @MikePeng :grinning:

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Wow! I’m so happy.
However, I want you to write a new article in your en account, not “retweet”. If you tweet about even the smallest things, I think “ens” will be promoted faster.
Of course, you’re still doing so well.
I’m always grateful to “nick.eth, Alicia.eth, brantly.eth”.
They are my mentors.

I’m just posting my opinion.

Thank you for your answers.
I will always try my best.
For “ens”.

Wow! Congratulations!

Thank you so much.
I hope “ens” will grow a lot.
I’m always thankful to brantly.eth