ENS Vietnam Community - ensvn.eth

Hey everyone, I’m establishing an ENS community page for Vietnamese. I have registered ensvn.eth and created twitter I just created it today and still have a lot to do to develop it. I created this topic to inform everyone as well as the ENS Team about what I am doing, I want to hear your opinions on this.

With the rise of Socialfi recently, along with the establishment of dozens of Web3 domains name, we have .bnb for Bnb chain, .arb for Arbitrum, .sei for seinetwork, .inj for injective, .base, .stark, .cyber, .sol… even meme coins like Shiba Inu are launching their own domain name. Competition for domain names will be very fierce in the future, As a leader in the field of Domain Names - ENS needs to demonstrate its strength, influence as well as attract new users to register domain names we need to appear more in cyberspace as well as in real-life conferences. To increase the influence of ENS, I think we should establish ENS communities for each country. Southeast Asia is a potential market with a large population and the highest Crypto adoption rate in the world I am Vietnamese/Singaporean, I have experience and understanding of the market here, that’s why I want to establish the ENS Vietnam community.

ENS Vietnam’s mission:
_ Post content about ENS regularly on social networking sites, translate important ENS announcements into Vietnamese
_ Participate in AMA sessions and connect with other projects to create influence and attract new Users to register .eth domain names.
_ Support Team ENS in major events in Southeast Asia, operate exhibition booths as well as connect with potential partners

Please note that I will make everything clear and transparent to avoid misunderstandings. ENS Vietnam is an unofficial site and is run by the community.

I want to listen to everyone’s opinions as well as the ENS Team about this, feel free to comment below. Thanks and have a nice day


Sounds neat! Feel free to introduce your regional community initiative during an Ecosystem Working Group call. These calls are open to everyone, and all participants are welcome to present their ENS projects.

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“ViệtNam.eth” is not a valid ENS Name :confused:

Got it, I will make an appointment. See you guys at the Meeting, I’m better at writing than speaking, tbh my English speaking skills are a bit broken.

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It’s okay! We’re all learning together. :slight_smile:

I signed up for ensvn.eth, it’s short and easy to remember. you can try vietnam.eth or :vietnam: :vietnam: :vietnam: .eth