ENS vs ETH PoS and ETHPow


Please tell me, if there is such topic somewhere.
Couldn’t find it.

If not, my questions are:

  1. Am I right, thinking that ENS will work on ETH PoS after merge(sep 22) by default?
  2. Is there any plan to maintain ETHPow hardfork, if it will occur? If yes, where to find the details?

Thank you

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any change for users after the switch to PoS. Nobody from TNL has said anything about supporting alternate chains, so I’d say there is practically no chance it would happen.

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Yeah, I think so.

But what about ETH hardfork?
Why don’t plan to maintain it?

P.s. I am very sorry but what is it - TNL?

ChainLink which we use for price oracle of .eth registration announced that they don’t support the fork so registration will more likely to break (meaning $5 will start de-pegging as Oracle becomes inaccurate).

I don’t see any reason to spend resources maintaining the non-main chain if the merge completes successfully as we rely on over 500 integrated dapps and services and If the majority don’t support the forked chain, ENS won’t function well anyway as a name service.


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Thank you for your answer.

I suppose this situation with Chainlink shows our
architecture weakness. It looks we have single point of failure here and strong dependency of external project (chainlink).
It would be good to have a roadmap to fix the situation and have some reserve oracles I suppose.

About the decision that “ens will not to maintain eth hardfork”.
All of us has ENS tokens the primary meaning of which, as I remember, is to vote.
Do we have any voting and/or prevoting mechanisms?
Was this decision the result of such a voting or somebody decided it (who, when and how)?
We’re there any public discussion about it?

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