ENS wallet creation

I would like to start a discussion about creating ENS wallet, where people could store there funds in order to purchase END names and ENS EFT

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It is possible to create a plugin to Metamask.

or this:

I would be interested to see if it might be possible to implement ettp://, using a modified version of Metamask. This way it would be possible to access DNS domains that are registered with ENS, i.e. vitalik.xyz, as decentralized websites, and differentiate between the DNS version of vitalik.xyz.


Plug-in to MetaMask is just a pathway. I guess the native ENS wallet will add great value to our DAO. It can provide additional revenue stream and utility to ens token. Currently ens is just governance token. In my humble opinion, I think that supplementing governance function with utilitarian functionality will be important for ENS acceptance and will increase competitiveness with domain name services, like Untouchable Domains and others. If core development team do not have time or desire to create native wallet, maybe they can promote this idea to associated developers. I assume that creation of new wallet is not easy project, but on other hand, it is not something absolutely new or very difficult and expensive.

I really don’t see the point in creating an “ENS wallet”. Building an excellent wallet requires an entire fulltime team, and others like Rainbow, are already doing an outstanding job of it, with ENS integration at the core of it.