ENS web app: favourites list & cookies

At the moment the .eth domains that are added to favorites are saved in the cookies on the device you are using.

I think this is poor user experience since:
a. You have different favourites on different devices
b. If you delete your navigation data or cookies, all your favorites are deleted and there’s no way you can restore them.

I suggest finding another way to save favorites. Anyone can point me in the right direction on how can I help with this?


the other solution would be ENS storing that information. There are 2 negatives with that:

  1. ENS would incur data cost for storing that data for all users
  2. Privacy concerns. ENS would now have that data of yours.

There are trade offs, unfortunately.

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From a technical standpoint, I think the only other non-centralized way to do something like that would be to just make your own text file or screenshot of names you want. Cookies are just how a modern web browser works.

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Putting aside the storage cost for ENS, would be possible to encrypt the saved data so it can be available only to the same addres that saved those favourites using the same criteria we use to create a public address from a private key?

maybe possible, but not very efficient. Especially considering the minor problem such a large undertaking would be attempting to “fix”.

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It is possible, but it would be centralized similar to the way OpenSea works. That is not ideal.

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Long live the cookies then. Thanks for your feedback guys