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When trying to set up a reminder for a domain in the grace period, the reminder date added to the calendar is the expiration date (which has already passed).

Would be possible to set this up so when a calendar reminder is set during grace period, it uses the grace expiration instead?

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I believe the reminder is intended to be used for the owner to alert them of the expiration date.

If you’re not the current owner and you want to be alerted to the grace period expiration, you can aways add 90 days to the expiration date in the Google Calendar configuration.

BUILDLhub also allows you to tinker with custom notifications.


True, but I think it’s poor UX to have something that doesn’t work, even if it’s only for the grace period.

I think one of these could work:

  1. Remove the remind feature after the expiration date
  2. If the remind feature is used during grace period, set the date to the grace expiration

I can do all those things, but since we want to increase adoption, we have to make life easier for the average user.

But, I just checked on Github, and there’s a redesign incoming. Let’s see if that solves the issue.

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