Ens website lagging


I’m wondering if anyone else has been experiencing extreme lagging issues on the ens website? For the past few days it’s been very slow and at times completely unresponsive. I was unable to complete the registration process multiple times after the website timed out.

This has been an ongoing issue and the front-end team has been made aware.

Since the ENS app is lagging, I would suggest checking https://etherscan.io to verify your contract interactions and to ensure you don’t accidentally waste gas fees.

Has there been any update on this @Cthulu.eth @serenae or @jefflau.eth @taytems?

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For whatever reason, I see the slowdowns happen when I disconnect my wallet from the manager app. Then searches start taking ~10 seconds or so.

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Is there a list of alternatives locations to register an ENS name?

  1. I think Rainbow wallet has an embedded ENS registration tool
  2. ENS.vision has a registration tool, but it’s designed to save gas on bulk purchases. For individual purchases I heard it costs a little more than ENS.

I found this helpful link from @serenae

The frontend app is also deployed on IPFS and linked to app.ens.eth !

In Brave: http://app.ens.eth/

Other browsers:

This will work in Brave/Opera too:


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Interesting. Something like this can happen if a wallet extension is installed and the code ends up waiting too long for the user to connect to MetaMask (for example). Most codes check for Ethereum Providers and if one exists, a prompt and wait is initiated until the user connects. Did you encounter this with MetaMask or other wallets too? There is no such issue with app.ens.eth.limo? :thinking: I have been experience lags too but I thought it was only me; I haven’t tried .eth.limo mirror yet.

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Not yet. I haven’t actually had any problems with this over here in Europe. It might be a problem on the North American side of Cloudflare’s CDN, an issue with their DDoS protection rate limiting connections or something else entirely

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The issues are prior to connecting my wallet. Using .limo is lagging as well. Thank you for alternative resources! Ens vision costs can be higher on single registrations, nonetheless, a great alternative.

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In that case, it is a “known” issue with the frontend code. Typically, the frontend detects the presence of a wallet provider (i.e. MetaMask extension) and prompts a connection if present. If you refuse the connection, the frontend gets stuck in a stale state. I’ve had this issue for a long time as well and have resorted to searching for domains incognito. In incognito mode, frontend detects no wallet provider and moves straight to loading read-only configuration without delay.

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Seems this is an issue with cloudflare’s ethereum gateway, which is why if you connect via metamask for example which defaults to infura, you shouldn’t see any speed issues. We’re working with cloudflare now to try and solve the issue.


Hopefully this won’t happen in v3!