[EP 4.1] [Executable] Approve further actions and strategies for the Endowment

Hello @ricmoo, thank you for taking the time to review the payload and for your valuable questions.
The contracts mentioned in the payload are an essential part of the proposed protocols, and all of them can be found in the documentation of the respective protocols. In this context, the deployers of these contracts are not relevant to the discussion.
To clarify, the addresses signalled with ??? correspond to contracts that are necessary for interacting with the protocols included in the preset. Here are some examples:

  1. 0x87870Bca3F3fD6335C3F4ce8392D69350B4fA4E2 - Aave V3 Pool
  • Contract for interactions with Aave V3 lending markets
  • Link to docs
  1. 0x7ca5b0a2910B33e9759DC7dDB0413949071D7575 - Curve cCRV Liquidity Gauge
  • Contract for staking LP tokens to receive CRV emissions
  • Links to docs: 1, 2
  1. 0xDD3f50F8A6CafbE9b31a427582963f465E745AF8 - Rocket Pool Deposit

The other signaled contracts are:

  1. 0x16D5A408e807db8eF7c578279BEeEe6b228f1c1C - Rocket Swap Router
  2. 0x827179dd56d07a7eea32e3873493835da2866976 - Sushiswap Route Processor
  3. 0xdEb83d81d4a9758A7bAec5749DA863C409ea6C6B - CowSwap Order Signer
  4. 0xd061D61a4d941c39E5453435B6345Dc261C2fcE0 - Curve Token Minter

If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask.