[EP 7.3] [Executable] Q1 & Q2 2022 Community Working Group Budget Request

Status: Voting Closed. Passed. See Voting record on snapshot.
Drafted by: @Limes and @Coltron.eth


  1. Community WG Operational Budget: 115,000 USDC/DAI, 1 ETH, and 650 ENS.

  2. Elected Steward Compensation: 27,500 in USDC/DAI.

    Total USD Value: ~$155,050.

Community WG Budget: Q1 & Q2 Steward Term

1. Operational Budget

This funding is requested to fulfill the needs of the entire Q1/Q2 term.

Subgroup Name Description USDC/DAI ETH $ENS
Learn Docs Content related to user documentation, tutorials, and case studies. 11,000 0 0
Communications Provide communications services for the DAO to include a bi-weekly digest, weekly twitter spaces, and other outreach services to drive education and engagement. 10,000 0 100
Onboarding Facilitate and coordinate weekly onboarding calls about ENS and the DAO. Also, focus on refining the DAO onboarding process. 10,000 0 0
Discord Support Moderation Provides 24-hr support coverage in the ENS Discord. 66,000 0 0
Translation Administer translation services for the ENS DAO official documents and website details. 6,000 0 0
Communidad Para Hispanohablantes Increase onboarding for the native Spanish-speaking community. 2,000 0 0
IRL Outreach Community engagement focused on in-person events. 10,000 0 0
WG Discretionary Funds Discretionary funding to be allocated to the above subgroups or facilitate the funding of new subgroups as the council of stewards deem necessary. 0 1 550
Total 115,000 1 650

Note: This includes subgroups and supports moderation of the ENS Discord. The Discord moderation is a necessary DAO expense carried by the community working group.

2. Elected Steward Compensation

Provide compensation for the three elected Community Stewards @limes , @spencecoin and @coltron.eth for the entire Q1/Q2 steward term.

Description Compensation Months # Stewards # Total USDC
Base Compensation $1,000/month 5.5 3 16,500
Supplemental Compensation $2,000/month 5.5 - 11,000
Total 27,500

Note: Supplemental compensation shall be distributed to stewards and contributors involved in running operations for the WG. The supplemental compensation will be used in situations where contributors or stewards perform duties beyond what is normally expected. The steward council determines how the supplemental compensation will be split between the stewards based on the contributions of each steward.


Multiple parties will approve all funding disbursements using a multi-sig. This budget does not guarantee disbursement, specifically if services rendered to the DAO are incomplete or deemed unsatisfactory. If these situations arise, the working group will review them publicly at the weekly Community Steward Call.

Any funding not used will be re-allocated back to the treasury.


1. Community WG Operational Budget: 115,000 USDC/DAI, 1 ETH, and 650 ENS.
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2. Elected Steward Compensation: 27,500 in USDC/DAI.
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Thanks for posting this @Coltron.eth. Happy to hear feedback from the DAO.

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We could ping for this important decision, as as the vote on snapshot, some roles on the Discord, to bring awareness about this post.


I pinned the topic to the Community Channel and sent out another message on Discord just now. Unfortunately, pinging @delegates in the forum does not notify anyone currently due to forum settings. We are restricted to notifying <100 users in one post.