[EP6][Social] DAO-wide proposal to terminate Directorship of Brantly Millegan at the ENS Foundation

Don’t worry, I do not have the authority to decide if he gets to keep his .eth name. Is that what you were getting at? No, the reasons are legal.


No, not removing the name, but I thought maybe it was suggesting that the DAO censure anyone who refers to him using it. Thank you for clarifying.


Who are the internal stewards. Feeling super centralized.


@HealingVisions I meant internal meeting of Stewards.

Stewards for the ENS DAO working groups, for Q1/Q2 2022 are as follows:

  • Meta-Governance: jmj.eth, simona.eth, james.eth, nick.eth, leontalbert.eth
  • ENS Ecosystem: ginge.eth, slobo.eth, bobjiang.eth, nick.eth, jefflau.eth
  • Community: limes.eth, coltron.eth, spencecoin.eth, brantly.eth, validator.eth
  • Public Goods: sumedha.eth, ceresstation.eth, avsa.eth, matoken.eth, ricmoo.eth

A modern witch hunt. Who’s pushing for @brantlymillegan to be excluded from ENS doesn’t deserve web3.


He can use ENS and web3 like all others, just not as its DOO. That position doesn’t suit him anymore.


It makes no sense to tell people to DYOR in this proposal. Please include the information in it.

I also want to argue that a poorly worded proposal and vote will result in more harm to the ENS ecosystem. What I am trying to do here is to improve the quality of this proposal so that anyone can come in to see the full picture, the events that transpired as well as the relevant (if any) guidelines, code of conducts or agreements that were violated.

Please approach this with cooler heads and document / archive anything that is helpful for what you want to achieve with this proposal.

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This is the type of information that I wish to see in the proposal:

Please include any of such violation along the proposal so people can see what ACTUAL line was crossed and not just subjective views. If no such line was actually crossed, it will come off as “he didn’t break any rules but we don’t like him so we’re voting him off”. A better proposal IMO would be a vote of confidence.

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It is a Draft Proposal, not an Active Proposal. As you can probably read, the core team has been invited to make a Snapshot proposal (with the timeline of the events as they unfolded as is customary including the “charges” against him), which they have eluded to in another thread an hour ago here. If you could just gulp the salt and look around, you will find all the information, and the timeline of things to come in their respective categories. For instance, Brantly has already been voted out as Community WG Steward

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My position is not to defend Brantly, it is to ensure that whatever the ENS community or DAO decides to do does not come off as a bunch of bigots or angry zealots. I am mostly aware of what happened but please keep in mind that “he’s a bigot” can be improved significantly.

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This proposal is written up as a half-assed, knee-jerk reaction. I can’t take it seriously.

Let’s hold ourselves to a much, much higher standard when it comes to sanctioning or removing anyone for speaking their minds, no matter how badly we are upset by their opinions.


If you want something to be advanced to a proposal, please adhere to the governance process for draft proposals, and use a template matching those used for previous votes. Your proposal needs to contain the exact text you want to be posted as a question on Snapshot.


Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback. I will move to draft an active proposal following the guidelines from the governance docs. Please feel free to close this thread if you feel like this draft has fulfilled its purpose.


Please post any further replies to [EP6] [Social] Proposal: DAO-wide proposal to terminate Director of Operations role of Brantly Millegan at the ENS Foundation - #3 by nick.eth